Introduction to Tantra

Tantra is a spiritual science, which has been in existence since a long time, but was not so profound. It originated in India 7,000 years ago, but was not so publicized at that time. Now everybody speaks of a tantric massage and why not so? As the benefits of a tantric massage is unmatchable to any other therapy in healing aches and pains and sexual dysfunctions. We don’t guarantee to heal internal sexual dysfunctions of course, but external ones like loss of libido can be healed with tantra.

Tantra deals with the entire being, right from his mind to his soul. It brings about a transformation inside-out. It believes in the principles of the chakra. The principle of chakra believes that there are seven major pressure points in the human body and if these pressure points are stimulated by touch, then it helps in releasing tension.

Soft touch arouses the human mind and body and this is a known fact, which is the reason why we feel better when somebody hugs us. So imagine a nude massage, wherein a beautiful lady touches all the parts of your body, wouldn’t it be thrilling and exciting?

A tantric massage is therapeutic in itself. All our masseuses are strong, but their soft gentle touch will appeal to the mind and body and awaken your senses too. It gives a gushing feeling all over. Sexual pleasure is also of immense importance in tantra. The goddess will take you to the stage, where you can prolong ejaculation and remain in this blissful stage for a longer period of time. This is the most pleasurable thing in sexual intercourse and a genuine tantric massage offers all this.  Nothing is comparable to the pleasure a man achieves in this stage and tantra encourages all these feelings. Hence, whenever you have the time, going for a tantric massage is a good idea.

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