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Nuru massage in London by our Goddess

Quite possibly one of our most sensual services on offer the Nuru massage in London really does provide clients with an immensely satisfying massage service in more ways than one. Like a lot of other popular massage therapies the roots of this oriental massage technique come from Japan.

A nuru massage really does offer the full package. It can be described as the ultimate ‘body to body massage experience’ as the gel that is used (which really does make the massage experience) allows the masseuse to really glide across your naked body.

It is no surprise to learn then that this ‘Nuru gel’ is made from seaweed and when you translate this word to English it literally means ‘slippery’ which does speak volumes for this very erotic b2b massage.

In the field of massage, this gel has been one of the greatest inventions, as many people find that the traditional massage oils are used by different massage parlours can be both difficult to remove from the body and also have a distinctive odour. The nuru gel on the other hand is completely odourless and also can be washed off very easily with water as it is a gel rather than oil. This can be done by one of sexy nuru masseuses or by the client after the session has finished.

Like a traditional body to body massage (b2b) it really can be a very sensual london experience as your nude body and the masseuse entwine in the course of the therapy. Added to this you will also find it very relaxing and a great way to get yourself into a peaceful state (which of course is also a great way to fight stress!)

Getting yourself a nuru massage in London appointment is also very simple too. We have locations in both Lancaster Gate and Chelsea SW3. Ot if you would rather our masseuses are more than happy to visit you at your hotel anywhere in London or also Heathrow Airport hotel outcalls which are also available with notice.

We look forward to giving you an amazing nuru massage london experience soon!

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